2014 High Point Achievers Award

Congratulations to all those who participated. 2015 will have an even bigger prize pool.

2014 Placegetters
1st Place: Vitulus
2nd Place: Salisbury Park
3rd Place: Margaret Park
4th Place: Cole Glen
5th Place: Le Valley
6th Place: Kobblevale
7th Place: Longyard
8th Place: Kougari
9th Place: Rockhampton Girls Grammar
10th Place: Keimoi

Junior Section

1st Place: Renae Sim
2nd Place: John Delaforce
3rd Place: Olivia O’Donnell
4th Place: Sophie Martin
5th Place: Amy Rowlands
6th Place:Kooper Martin, Tiffany Baker, Caitlin Kelly, Sally Salisbury.