History of Ausline Cattle

The Ausline Cattle Association Inc began in 2002 under the name of  Redline. In 2012 a name change took place to expand its objectives to become a viable commercially orientated alternative breed. Members saw the need to develop an Association that would encourage change enabling them to meet the diversifying demands of smaller acreage producers. We have members in all the Eastern States of Australia as well as a number of overseas countries.


People with smaller acreage may want smaller framed cattle but they still want to be able to earn a return on their investment and the Ausline Cattle Association’s various registers allows for this.Grading up to pure bred status is encouraged, with a requirement that Pure bred animals have 15/16 (93.75%) full Ausline blood. The inclusion of other genetics in the register also encourages hybrid vigour in their breeding program allowing for diversity and flexibility in a breeding program.

The formation of this Association, with its goals of a realistic, viable, small, not miniature, breed of cattle, has an exciting future both in the stud and commercial beef arenas. The Ausline regulations allow for a progressive Association which is managed by experienced, successful and active members of the beef industry. Transparency and an emphasis on financial responsibility has seen the Association grow with an annual increase in our reserves. Something not too many other breed societies are able to do in this economic climate.