The Ausline Cattle breed is based on Heritage Angus Genetics, the original Aberdeen Angus, making them Perfect Primary Producers. These genetics can be used in a whole range of breeding programs, providing not only diversity but hybrid vigour, and as such, while still moderate in frame size, they are excellent beef producers with all the qualities that Angus genetics are reknown for.

The Ausline Cattle Association supports this distinctively different breed by:

  1. Having a percentage, purebred Ausline and an Ausline register
  2. Upgrading to purebred status is encouraged
  3. Purebred Auslines and Auslines can both be shown together
  4. White purebred Ausline cattle can be shown together with red and black Auslines
  5. Ausline progeny from Heritage Angus Genetics are known as Auslines
  6. All coloured cattle can be accepted into the register as a base for breeding up
  7. There is a height limit of 130cm for the show ring only
  8. All animals in both registers are DNA typed for parent verification and integrity
  9. Having reciprocal rights with American Aberdeen Assoc and Canadian Lowline Assoc
  10. Our fees and admin costs are low in comparison to other breed registrars
  11. Running annual on farm competitions, high point achiever awards, members information and social events and supporting representation at Cattle industry Field Days.

An Ausline herd is maintained with DNA parent verification that is required to ensure the purity of the herd. All Ausline animals can trace their parentage to Heritage Angus genetics. Heritage Angus includes the Trangie and Glen Innes Angus herds which incorporated both the original Aberdeen Angus and Canadian Angus genetics first imported in the 1920’s. Pure Aberdeen Angus herds from other countries are also part of the Heritage Angus Resource Register.

Fullblood Ausline Bull

Grading up to purebred status is encouraged, with a requirement that Pure Bred animals must have 15/16 (93.75%)  Ausline breeding.  Because grading up is permitted, new breeders can choose to enter the breed at a lower percentage level using base animals from other breeds, and over time work up to Pure bred animals. This will open the breed to a wider membership while creating a market for Ausline animals. In addition Purebred Auslines are able to be shown with Auslines.

The emphasis for the Ausline Cattle Association is on providing seedstock for the wider beef industry. Bulls are sold to breeders of larger breed cattle to moderate the size of their cattle and to provide easy calving for heifers.

Gourmet beef production. Ausline cattle are well suited to production of a gourmet beef product. It is well known that smaller cattle have finer grained beef and finer grained beef is the most tender. The ability to combine the natural flavour of beef with tenderness qualities is one that sits well with the gourmet consumer.

A number of Ausline members already have their own very successful branded beef product. Fairymount Fine Foods sell their beef through farmers markets, an excellent opportunity to showcase their exceptional beef.

The Management committee includes a number of experienced, successful producers who have been involved within the beef industry and export of genetics for many years. The Ausline regulations allow for a progressive Association that can adapt to its members and industry needs with some very exciting plans for the future.

The breed exhibits annually at Brisbane, Toowoomba, Bathurst and Canberra Royal shows plus at Rockhampton Beef Expo.  A number of Breed Expos showcasing Ausline, Purebred Ausline and Percentage Ausline cattle include the Murrumbateman Field day and the Casino Field days in NSW. In Queensland cattle are scheduled for exhibition in 2019 at Toowoomba Farm Fest and Caboolture Farm Fantastic.