Goals and Strategies 2015-2016

Breed Development

Goal: To provide members with innovative tools and the necessary knowledge to achieve continuous improvement of Ausline and Ausline-influenced cattle and beef.


  • develop a strong innovation culture within the Ausline Association and its members resulting in the inclusion of new opportunities;
  • encourage the uptake of the latest scientific tools and improved services for growth and expansion of the Ausline Cattle breed and the Ausline Cattle Association;
  • development of a commercial Ausline moderator program; and
  • inclusion of Native Angus genetics to the Ausline purebred program.


Goal: To promote and market the competitive advantages of Ausline and Ausline-influenced cattle and beef.


  • promote the advantages of using Ausline Cattle via a wide range of available electronic and print media; shows and field days;
  • promote and facilitate the domestic and export sales of Ausline genetics;
  • to increase community and industry awareness of Ausline based cattle and related genetics and to protect, care and preserve the breed; and
  • provide members with a range of marketing material, support and assistance.

Education and Youth Development

Goal: To advance, educate, engage and build the capacity of youth to fully participate in the agricultural sector.


  • encourage youth involvement in the beef industry through innovative youth development and education programs;
  • to support programs that encourage partnerships, relationships and awareness within the agricultural sector; and
  • maintain an educational website that creates a strong image for the Ausline breed.

Organisational Support

Goal: To operate as an efficient and effective organisation that satisfies members’ needs, monitors strategic direction and complies with all legal and government requirements.


  • to maintain the membership, breeding and pedigree database as required for the Association.
  • maintain an effective and appropriately skilled Management Team;
  • support State and Regional Groups;
  • maintain the Constitution, Rules and Regulations to ensure they continue to meet Members needs; and
  • accurate and timely completion of all necessary business and legal requirements.