Ausline Cattle DNA Test Request Form


  DNA Analysis is required for all:

  • Fullblood registrations (to include parent verification PV)
  • Purebred registrations, which will be used to sire, registered cattle or be included on the semen register (to include parent verification).
  • Percentage registrations (First cross (F1) registrations must provide a DNA profile and PV to the Ausline Sire or Dam used in the cross)

  Please note DNA Analysis is not required for animals that wish to be recorded only. These animals will be recorded in the herdbook but certificates of pedigree will not be issued. Their pedigree information can, however, be viewed and obtained from the ACA database.  

  1.  Obtain a DNA test kit from either Zoetis Animal Genetics or the University of Queensland, Cattle DNA lab. Instructions for hair sample collection are included with each test kit together with a sample submission form. Samples will not be processed unless payment is provided at time of lodgment.
  2.  Once you have received your DNA test results for the animals you wish to register, complete the “Ausline Animal Registration Application”. The DNA parent verification will need to confirm the sire and dam mating of the animal you wish to register. Please attach a copy of the DNA test results for each animal you wish to register.
  3. Complete a bank transfer, provide credit card details or attach a cheque as payment for the registration and post all documentation to: Ausline Cattle Association Inc. PO Box 6144. Buranda Qld  4102 Bank Details: BSB: 084-100           Account:11-397-0329
  4. Once registration is complete you will receive your certificate of pedigree and the animal/s will be entered into the Ausline Cattle Association database.

DNA Costs

 Poets Animal Genetics Costs

Inclusive of GST

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Zoetis Animal Genetics  P: 1300 768 400 P: +61 7 3633 3555 E:

SireTRACE (DNA + PV)$27.50
Coat Colour$27.50
Combined SireTRACE + Coat Colour$44.00
Tenderness MVP’s$22.00






University of Queensland Costs

inclusive of GST University Of Qld: Animal Genetic Laboratory, Telephone: (07) 5460 1960   Email:

DNA typing + parentage verification (hair/blood)


DNA typing + parentage verification (tissue/semen)


Coat colour testing – red / black (hair/blood)


Parentage verification (requested after initial sample submission)


Addition of external DNA types to the UQ database


How to Collect Hair Samples How to Collect Hair Samples



How to Collect Hair Samples