Ausline Wins in Carcass Competitions

Ausline Cattle are proving they are the right breed when it comes to Carcass Competitions.

Firstly an Ausline cross does very well at the 1st weigh in for the 2014 Lardner Park Steer Trial. Congratulations to Lynda Senger from Colombo Park who has a steer that is in the top 10 for the first weight of the 2014 Lardner Park Steer Trial. With an average daily weight gain of .80kg. With over 70 entries that is an excellent result.. We look forward to the results from the next weigh in.

Secondly Margo Hayes from Vitulus won Reserve Champion Lightweight Carcass at the Royal Brisbane Show. There were over 100 entries in the lightweight division and one point difference between Grand and Reserve. Vitulus had three steers in the one class winning a 1st, 4th and 6th. The steer was 16 months and 25% Ausline ( using a 1st cross Ausline bull), 37.5% Limo and 37.5% Murray Grey plus he was red which was a bonus!

Steer 2014 ekka Ekka Steers x 3: 2014