High Point Achiever 2018

2018 High Point Achiever Awards

Welcome to the 2018 show season !!
A huge thank you to all our ‘showy’ members for promoting our fabulous breed and showing people what we have to offer in stud beef cattle.
With the show season now in full swing, be sure to send your points recording forms in to claim all of your points.
This year we have changed the points system a little and added a few simple rules.
Below you will find the Ausline Cattle Association Results Form in both WORD and PDF format.
The rules are at the top, the points system is in the centre, and the result section is at the bottom.
Simply complete the bottom section and email or mail to the address on the form at the end of each month for the previous months shows.
Save the forms to your computer. Feel free to complete by computer or handwritten.
A progressive tally will be updated on the website by the middle of each month for exhibitors to check on their scores.
For those people competing in open company (no specific Ausline class at the show) you will now receive points as per Ausline classes (eg. the highest placing Ausline will score 3 points, 2nd highest scoring 2 points, 3rd highest scoring 1 point regardless of your overall placing within the class).
Best of luck and see you in the show ring !!


Congratulations to all of our members that promoted our breed in 2018.

The High Point Achiever program rewards our members for their promotion. Congratulations to Margo Hayes from Vitulus Auslines and a fitting end to our foundation member as she leaves the cattle scene in pursuit of new goals in life.

1st place – Vitulus Ausline & Native Angus – 398 points
2nd place – Mason Farm Ausline Cattle – 279 points
3rd Place – Coleglen Ausline Cattle – 221 points
4th place – Jinghi Gully Ausline Cattle – 137 points
5th Place – Wells Station Ausline Cattle – 95 points
6th place – Tarrah Ausline – 78 points
7th Place – Longyard Livestock – 62 points
8th place – Margaret Park Ausline – 57 Points
9th place – Maughan Park Ausline – 32 points
10th place – Krana Ausline – 26 points
10th place – Pasadena Ausline – 26 points
11th place – Ardeevin Ausline – 20 points
12th Place – Altrumanda Ausline – 16 points
13th place – Drell’s Run Ausline Cattle- 12 points
John Delaforce – 86 points
Koenraad Labrie – 9 points

Recording of Points: Points are allocated to the exhibitor and not the animal. It will be individual members’ responsibility to provide the Association with the results on the official results form. A progressive points tally will be updated on a monthly basis on the website and updates on facebook. The show year will commence on 1st January 2018 and will finish on 31st December 2018.

Point Allocation: The Exhibitor with the highest points will be the overall winner. Prizes will include products, animal registrations & DNA testing to name a few. In addition there will be a separate prize pool of $250 for the Junior section. Overall winners for two consecutive years are ineligible to enter the competition for a period of 12 months.

Purpose: the aim of this award is to encourage our members to exhibit and promote the breed in both show and carcass competitions as well as rewarding and encouraging our junior members.  It is a national competition across all states and includes our On Farm competition as well.

Prizes Include:

Overall Section:  Prize money allocation

  • 1st Place  $250 to be awarded as credit to your membership account
  • 2nd Place $150 to be awarded as credit to your membership account
  • 3rd Place  $100 to be awarded as credit to your membership account
  • 4th Place  2 free animal registrations (under 12 months)
  • 5th Place 1 free animal registrations (under 12 months)

Junior Section:  $250 donated by Ausline Cattle Association Inc. $50 donated by Vitulus.

  • 1st Place $125 participation at Junior Judging School or Led Steer School
  • 2nd Place $100 participation at Junior Judging School
  • 3rd Place $50
  • 4th Place $25

* Overall winner Commercial Classes:  2 free percentage registrations (under 12 months)

* Royal Show Champion: 2 free full blood  animal registrations (under 12 months)

* Local Show Champion: 2 free full blood animal registrations (under 12 months)

* Winner Expo and Field Days: Free Ausline membership for the following year

*Novice Award: New Stud entering for the first time with the highest points: 2 free animal registrations (under 12 months)

Please note Prizes are not transferable.

Point Scoring System:

Royal Shows:                                                       Local Shows:

  •  1st : 6 points                                             1st:  3  points
  •  2nd: 4 points                                             2nd: 2 points
  •   3rd: 2 points                                            3rd:  1 point
  •  Grand Champion: 10 points                      Grand Champion: 5 points
  • Champion: 8 points                                  Champion: 4 points
  •  Reserve Champion: 6 points                    Reserve Champion: 3 points
  • Interbreed Champion: 12 points               Interbreed Champion: 6 points

  Hoof and Hook, Carcass, Prime Cattle Competition & On Farm Challenge.

  • 1st: 6 points
  • 2nd: 4 points
  • 3rd: 2 points
  • Grand Champion: 10 points
  • Champion: 8 points
  • Reserve Champion:  6 points

NEW CATEGORY: Field Days and Expos

  • 3 points will be awarded to each member for each day they volunteer at a field day or Expo to promote the Ausline Breed.

Junior Handlers & Junior Judging                                                

  •  1st: 3 points
  •  2nd: 2 points
  •  3rd: 1 point
  •  Champion: 3 points
  •  Reserve Champion: 2 points
  •  Regional/State Championship Place: 2 points
  • State Champion: 6 points

ACA Show Result Form

ACA Show Result Form – PDF