High Point Achiever Awards 2015

Congratulations to our all 2015 winners. Thank you for participation and support of our breed. 2015 saw the inclusion of points awarded to our On Farm Competition as well. Overall winners for two consecutive years are ineligible to enter the competition for a period of 12 months.

1st Place: Vitulus Stud: 225 points $500 (this prize money has been donated back to the Association for the 2016 competition)

2nd Place: Rockhampton Girls Grammar School:  176 points $200
3rd Place: Cole Glen Stud: 96 points $150
4th Place: Keimoi Stud: 74 points $100
5th Place: Platinum Park Stud: 56 points $50

Junior Section:
1st Place: John Delaforce: 10 points $125
2nd Place: Sally Salisbury: 8 points $100
3rd Place: Tiffany Baker: 6 points $50
4th Place: Heidi Davison: 5 points $25

Winner Commercial Classes:  Vitulus Stud
Champion Royal Show Points:  Vitulus Stud
Champion Local Show Points:  Rockhampton Girls Grammar: 3 free animal registrations (under 12 months)

Winner Expo and Field Days Section:
1st Place: Salisbury Park Stud: Free Ausline membership for 12 months
2nd Place: 3 free animal registrations (under 12 months) Keimoi Stud
3rd Place: 2 free animal registrations (under 12 months) Calden Stud